Cam Newton's career was taking a turn for the worse throughout the spring as he was let go from the Carolina Panthers, despite taking them to a Super Bowl back in 2016. At the time, it seemed like his prospects were uncertain, and fans were curious to see what would end up happening to him in the future. Thankfully, Newton was recently able to find himself a new home as the New England Patriots signed him to a 1-year deal that could yield up to $7.5 million if he gets the team a Super Bowl.

While the Patriots are typically tight-lipped about their new signings, it seems as though the team is looking to change that. This past week, the team took to Twitter with a high-octane hype video that will surely have you feeling excited if you're a fan of the team that is. If you hate the Patriots, well, you might want to steer clear of this clip.

There is no guarantee that Newton will be able to have a great or even a good season in New England, although it's clear he is hungry to do so. Under Bill Belichick's guidance, we wouldn't be surprised if we see the team as Super Bowl contenders...once again.