Remember Metro Thuggin? The highly anticipated joint project between Metro Boomin & Young Thug that was announced years ago, but never saw the light day? Well it appears there’s a completed version of the project that the world never got to hear. On Thursday afternoon, famed photographer Cam Kirk tweeted out a picture of what looks to be a complete rollout for the project, with a CD, booklet & artwork for Metro Thuggin being displayed.

He said that he wanted the rest of the world to hear what he has had the chance to hear, although don’t get your hopes up. "I wish the world got to hear [Metro Thuggin]" he wrote along with the images.

The project was anticipated for months back in 2014 and 2015, but was eventually shelved after label problems and a possible beef between Metro Boomin and Young Thug. In fact, Metro talked about the delayed project and said fans should direct their questions about Metro Thuggin to the 300 label, alluding to them being the reason it never surfaced.

Check out the picture & tweet (below). Would you still be interested in hearing Metro Thuggin or have you given up on it? (Don’t get your hopes up that it's coming out though because it probably wont be).