Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 may be the best entry in the series. Although game developer Treyarch scrapped the popular Story Mode, they replaced the campaign with endless multiplayer fun. Gamers can dive into traditional Multiplayer, switch over to the battle royale styled Blackout, or take their turn at fending off the undead in Zombies. The latter of the three modes has been a Black Ops staple, but the latest reiteration has expanded to become somewhat of a campgain mode itself. 

The latest DLC for Zombies has enlisted some of Hollywood's stars for the main roles. Helena Bonham Carter, Kiefer Sutherland, Charles Dance, and Brian Blessed will play the four unlucky adventurerers that must battle a horde of zombies together. Entitled "Dead of the Night,” the new DLC takes place in Rhodes Manor in 1912. Famed treasure hunter Alistair Rhodes invites a long list of guests from around the world to a party. The party turns out to be a farce though, and the party goers are cursed and turned into zombies. Only the four playable characters are left as humans, and they must battle their way out of the nightmare. Bonham Carter plays the psychic Madame Mirela, Sutherland plays the gunslinger Gideon Jones, Dance plays the man Butler Godfrey, and Blessed plays the Brigadier.