Fortnite is possibly the most popular video game on the planet right now. Gamers across the world fell in love with Fortnite because of its easy gameplay style and high replay value. Both of those factors come from the battle royale game mode. Unlike typical deathmatch modes that feature players with unlimited lives or several rounds with one life, battle royale style is a one shot, one game type of deal. Players are dropped onto a map with an empty inventory, and are forced to collect weapons and tools to help them win the game, unlike like deathmatch modes that give gamers guns to begin with. Right behind Fortnite in popularity is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), another battle royale styled game that features a bigger map, vehicles, first-person shooting, and a more realistic setting. 

According to Polygonthe next Call of Duty (Black Ops 4) is ditching campaign mode. Although many gamers will miss the story mode, Uproxx reports that the campaign mode will most likely be replaced with a battle royale mode. It will be interesting to see a series that has delivered an engaging story mode for 15 years step away from the campaign and attempt to lure Fortnite and PUBG players over to their latest title.