It has been revealed that skater slash rapper C Roy is currently behind bars. Say what you will about Adam22 and his No Jumper movement, but the podcast host has always been one to champion for the emerging generation of rappers. Not long after being ambushed by a fake-gun-wielding assailant, during a video-stream no less, Adam took to Twitter to raise awareness for a rapper in need. C Roy, who also goes by Cyril and the IG handle @watchyoudie, has been arrested on a number of "serious charges." Adam took it upon himself to share a screenshot of the rapper's private Instagram, which explains the circumstances in further detail.

"Last Tuesday, Cyril Roy Palmer's apartment was raided. He was forcefully arrested and incarcerated on a number of serious charges because he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time," reads the announcement. "Cyril is currently facing 25 to life with his bail set at $1,000,000. Anyone who knows Cyril knows his character and the type of person he is, and knows he is innocent." 

With such a lofty bail, Cyril's fans have sparked a movement to crowdfund the rapper's bail. Adam went on to link the GoFundMe page, which you can check out here. The cause has currently reached $10,917 out of its targeted $1,000,000. As of now, the reason for his arrest remains unknown.