C-Murder's issues with the law ultimately put his career on halt since the early 2000s and he's been incarcerated ever since. However, C-Murder is now making a major statement within the Louisiana State Prison where he's currently locked up in. His brother, Master P, took to Instagram to reveal that C-Murder is going on hunger strike inside of jail.

Master P took to Instagram to reveal that C-Murder is currently on a hunger strike within the prison in Angola, La. In the video, P admits that he hasn't had the best relationship with his brother, Corey Miller, for a while but is still begging for his freedom. He says that there's evidence he didn't commit the crime but the prosecutors aren't willing to put that in the case. 

"Free Corey Miller! Thanks to all the fans that’s been praying for my brother. He’s on a hunger strike in Angola. He’s been locked up for a crime he didn’t commit. Somebody has confessed and they even have footage,that they don’t want to put in the case." he wrote in the caption.

He elaborates further in the video and explains that there's facts to prove his innocence. 

C-Murder is currently sitting behind bars after he was convicted of fatally shooting a teenager by the name of Steve Thomas in Louisiana. Last week, he released a statement on his hunger strike and said he's protesting the Angola Prison for the conditions inside and several high up employees for misconduct. Read more about that here.

Check Master P's post below.