DaBaby has been given enough reason this year to believe he's one of the best rappers out there. While he often boasts that he is in his songs, he tends to be humble whenever discussing his immense success in other contexts. Exuding extreme confidence on your tracks is just part of the game. Otherwise, the numbers are supposed to speak for you. Based on his latest album, KIRK, going #1 and his streaming stats, it's clear that DaBaby is winning. However, Busta Rhymes insisted on pointing out to DaBaby just how ferocious his run is right now. 

Bussa Bus caught one of the Charlotte rapper's recent shows and went to go meet him backstage afterwards. Their interaction was recorded and it shows Buss gassing up DaBaby for instilling fear in other rappers competing with him. "Let me tell you something. N****s is scared of you," he said. After DaBaby doubted the truth of this claim, Busta continued. "Nah, nah, nah. I be in n****s studio sessions. I hear how n****s talk... You know what I love to see? When a n**** bust his ass on that stage with that stage production value and that energy - n****s don't wanna come behind you."

Considering that DaBaby often draws comparisons to Busta Rhymes for being a high-energy, charismatic performer, this passing of the torch is a cool moment to witness. For proof of how great of a show DaBaby puts on, check out his recent appearance on Saturday Night Live.