Busta Rhymes will be participating in the next season of Verzuz but who he'll be facing off against remains a mystery.

This week, the rap legend tried to take on T.I. but the King of the South "respectfully declined" his offer, citing their generational gap. Instead, people are begging Tip to take on a battle with Jeezy.

As for who Busta Buss is battling, that's still up in the air. After hearing Tip's refusal, he had some words for the rapper, taunting him with a 4-minute video on Instagram.

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"Ayo Tip, you're my brother and I love you very much, King," says Busta Rhymes before praising his new album. Those were the only kind words he had, though. "It's okay to let people know that you backed down from this Verzuz offer," he adds. "Come on now, let's be honest. It's okay, Tip. You respectfully declined, I guess that's the fancy way to say that you turned down this Verzuz battle. You wanna talk about generational gap? That's a very... respectful way of not saying that you don't really want to sit in the smoking section with me and that you actually just turned down the opportunity to do this Verzuz battle with me. It's cool, Tip. You can say it, King."

Busta continued picking on T.I., egging him on to admit that he wasn't down to do battle.

"You should just say it, man," continued Buss. "Just let the world know truly that you don't want this bust ass that you was about to get. It's okay. Cause, see, the difference between me and you, my brother, and we're both kings, I'm actually a god. I don't run from no situation and age don't make no difference to me. You know what makes the difference? The work you put in."

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Finally, Busta leaves Tip with a final word, imploring him to admit that he wasn't ready for their proposed battle.

"Let's not make no excuses, King. Tell the people. You was really not ready to get this ass-whooping on a world stage. That's the truth," finishes Busta.

He concludes by proposing something historic to Timbaland and Swizz Beatz, saying that he doesn't mind going up against two artists at the same time. That would be the first time three artists battle each other on Verzuz.

Who do you want to see Busta Rhymes battle on Verzuz? And who do you think would have won between him and T.I.?