"It ain't safe no more" for anyone considering trying the legendary Busta Rhymes. Not only does Busta boast one of the most explosive flows in hip-hop, but his temper appears to be equally as volatile. After all, the man once threw a protein shake at a gym employee with the ferocity of Zeus himself, which ultimately led to the rapper agreeing to anger management courses. Now, Busta is at it again, and TMZ shared some video of Bus-a-Bus' latest altercation. 

The incident is said to have taken place last weekend, at Diddy's REVOLT Music Conference in Miami. It's impossible to tell what provoked the exchange, but the video opens with Busta and an unknown man squaring off, doing the classic "faces-up-close-and-talking-shit" routine. Eventually, the other gentleman reached out to push Busta away, which the Big Bang emcee clearly deemed a threatening gesture. Busta proceeded to shove the dude with full force, sending him reeling back in clear shock. It's lucky that people stepped in to quell the tension, as Busta Rhymes looked like he was ready to throw down, and he's not exactly tiny. 

It does beg the question of what even prompted this in the first place, as who would ever want to step to Busta Rhymes? I feel like if you ever find your face less than two inches away from Busta Rhymes' face, and you're not a female, you should probably ask yourself a few crucial questions. It's unfortunate that TMZ only provided the aftermath of the near-brawl, but there's a real possibility that Busta will probably find himself faced with yet another batch of Anger Management sessions. 

In other Busta news, the rapper recently dropped his latest Jamaica-inspired single "Girlfriend," which features Tory Lanez and Vybz Kartel. It's a different direction from the rapper, who proves he can still make dope music even after two decades in the game.