It may come as a surprise, to even those intimately close to the rapper, but yes, Busta Rhymes has an island named in his honor. Due to a recent surge in twitter exploration, users have uncovered the actual coordinates of the island in question. A quick google search yields nothing short of official documentation. Avid Busta Rhymes fan Kevin O'Brien maintains the island, in Shrewsbury Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. There's a 508 number associated with the island, and Kevin is usually available for comment, even though his responsibilities don't equate to full ownership of the land.

Last we heard in '09, the island was a few key points away from its own constitutional order. O'Brien commented: "It's a very small little island (with) rope-swinging, blueberries, and stuff Busta would enjoy,"

Although this island has been up for discussion for the past decade, only now has twitter created a vacuum of media attention. Users and fans alike have searched on googlemaps to ascertain the real pieces to the puzzle. Check out some of these reactions below.

[via theBoombox]