There's no doubt that Busta Rhymes is a legend in the game. Nobody is denying that. However, his statements on why Kendrick Lamar is more respected than Drake deserve some consideration. In a recent interview with the Daily Beast, Busta discussed why he believes Drake has been snubbed more often than not at the Grammy's. While his love for the current movement of hip-hop is certainly respectable, the reason he gives will surely turn some heads. Drake can absolutely be considered as an artist with substance but unless Busta's comments were misconstrued, he seems to believe that Kendrick and Chance have more substance and are thus more respected.

DJ Booth reported on the interview, stating that Rhymes seems confused about what qualifies as "substance," basing the claim off of one particular comment he made. Busta praised many of the newer artists doing big things while subtly shading Drake and Future, saying, "J. Cole is doing his job. Kendrick doing his job. Chance the Rapper doing his job. Childish Gambino is doing his job. These are the newer dudes. They’re doing it more than the older dudes as far as the music is concerned. They out here talking that shit! They shooting the videos. They’re making those messages speak volumes. They’re having super success with it. Kendrick ain’t got no records in the club—he taking all the Grammys home. You might hear Future in the club. You might hear Drake in the club. But Kendrick took all the Grammys home. Chance the Rapper taking all the Grammys home. Childish Gambino. At the end of the day, people respect substance."

Busta is right about Kendrick and Chance being extraordinarily successful at the Grammy awards and while Drake's 3 wins at the show may seem minimal, he has made a huge impact elsewhere. Do you agree with Busta's statement? Read the full interview here.