It's hard to believe that Nas, easily one of the greatest rappers of all time, spent the duration of his decades-long career having never won a Grammy. Considering he's the architect of one of hip-hop's most influential albums, many have felt that the Queensbridge rapper has been long overdue. Therefore, when he ultimately took home the big Best Rap Album prize for his Hit-Boy-produced King's Disease album, many of his peers were quick to celebrate the milestone occasion. 


Anna Webber/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Nobody appeared happier than Busta Rhymes, who previously enlisted Escobar for a scene-stealing collaboration on the haunting "Don't Get Carried Away." Taking to social media to cheer his fellow lyricist, Busta made it abundantly clear that Nas deserves his flowers now more than ever. "CONGRATS ON THE GRAMMY WIN ALMIGHTY!!! EVERYBODY PLEASE GIVE THE KING @nas HIS ROSES," writes Busta, who probably should have seen his own ELE2: The Wrath Of God secure a Best Rap Album nod. "WELL DESERVED AND LONG OVERDUE!!"

Having played an integral role in bringing King's Disease to life, Hit-Boy also received applause for his win. An endearing clip reveals Big Sean breaking the news to Hit-Boy, who had yet to hear that his project took it home. Upon hearing the news, Hit-Boy became visibly emotional, prompting Sean to pull him into a proud embrace. Though some might have been hoping for a different outcome, it's clear that Nas and Hit-Boy's victory is a solid win for hip-hop no matter where you stand. Check out some of the praise below.