While George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, his death has sparked widespread outrage throughout the United States of America, and protests are happening in almost every state. New York has been known for its fair share of police brutality over the years so it's not surprising that there were some heavy protests in Brooklyn and the surrounding areas yesterday.

At one point, numerous protesters around the Barclays Center were arrested and placed in a bus made specifically for public transportation. The bus driver was told to transport the arrested protesters to a nearby jail. Surprisingly, the bus driver was having none of that and walked off the bus in protest. As soon as protesters realized what was happening, they gave the driver a very deserved standing ovation.


Later last night, public transport companies noted on social media that they work for the people and not the police. Many on social media also worked hard to keep the identity of the bus driver private as they could be in danger if any personal information about the driver became public.

These protests are certainly bringing a lot of people together and it's incredible to see everyone so united for an important cause.

Stay tuned for updates as we will bring you the latest.