The plant-based burger is on the rise right now. While beef burgers are still popular, health-conscious and vegetarian folks alike have been indulging on Impossible Burgers or Beyond Meat products as a healthier alternative. Burger King had a test trial with Impossible Burgers for a few weeks. It appears that the reception has been positive and now, they're rolling out the product nationwide.

Burger King's Impossible Burger option will be available nationwide on August 8th. However, it will only be available for a limited time. BK began testing out the burger in April in St. Louis. Burger King North America president, Chris Finazzo, didn't comment on the numbers but reports in late may indicate that the veggie-friendly product bumped sales by 18% at the locations that carried it. Finazzo did confirm that new customers were rolling in because of the product. “I think one of the insights we had during the entire process is that it really does taste like beef,” Finazzo said.

Meatless burgers have been growing in popularity across many fast food joints. CNBC reports that 95% of meatless burger consumers have also bought beef burgers in the past year. Because of places like Burger King, as well as other restaurants like White Castle, Bareburger, and Tim Hortons, sales of plant-based products have gone up by 10%. 

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