Burger King has rolled out a limited edition burger that's said to induce nightmares just in time for Halloween. The fast-food giant released a burger with chicken, bacon, cheese on top of a green bun and according to  Uproxx, a study was done that resulted in consumers of the burger having nightmares. 

According to the publication:

"For 10 nights, 100 participants ate the Nightmare King “before they went to bed” and Burger King’s research team tracked various metrics “including heart rate, brain activity, and breath” in order to determine participants’ sleep patterns and what kinds of dreams they were having."

Yes, the burger brought on darker sleeping routines but it's not because of a secret drug in the food, it's because eating an excessive amount of meat and cheese before sleeping naturally effects your sleep patterns. If you're into it, you can cop a green burger until October 22nd.