About two months ago, Burger King began testing out a new menu item dubbed the "Whopperrito" which, as you'd expect is a hybrid between their beloved Whopper and a burrito.

The newest innovative fast food item will include all of the familiar Whopper items including a flame-grilled patty, lettuce, tomato, american cheese, white onions, pickles, mayo and ketchup all wrapped up in one big tortilla.

Essentially, it's just a glorified cheeseburger wrap with some "tex-mex" flare

“We’re infusing classic American fare with Tex-Mex flare,” says Alex Macedo, Burger King's North American president. "The Whopperito is a new interpretation of the Tex-Mex trend in a way that only Burger King restaurants could imagine and uses the classic flame-grilled 100% beef Whopper sandwich meat to set this burger-burrito hybrid apart from other burritos out there." 

We're assuming the Whopperrito tested well with the guinea pigs though, because Burger King will finally be unleashing the Whopperrito at locations across the U.S. starting on August 15th.