We're two days away from National Donut day and once again the mini-holiday has snuck up on us again. Krispy Kreme will surely be giving out free donuts as their usual offerings (that they really don't advertise) and now Burger King wants to join in on the fun by offering the one, the only Whopper Donut. 

Don't get it twisted though, the exclusive burger doesn't come with a sugary sweet bun, it's simply a normal Whopper with a whole punched in the middle making it look like a classic donut from your favourite bakery. Since BK is taking a chunk out of your burger, any orders of the speacial will come with a mini Whopper to suffice for the lost bite. 

The once in a lifetime (year) burger will be offered on June 1st. Check out the official video below and let us know if you'll probably go by and get it just to say you did.