Rappers have seen their fair share of Twitter account hacks over the years, but today we're reporting on a very strange hack, this time of a popular fast food chain. Burger King's official Twitter account appears to have been hacked by a Chief Keef-loving rap fan.

Today, Burger King's Twitter account has been sending out a slew of tweets, some mentioning Keef's 300 crew and associate Lil Reese, as well as music videos from the GBE frontman and even a Gucci Mane visual. 

However, Chief Keef isn't the only rapper targeted by the Burger King hacker- Drake and Meek Mill also got shout outs from the hacker."Started from the bottom now we here! Shoutout to @meekmill@pmon215 where that DC3 AT?!?!?! @jahlilbeats," Burger King's account tweeted.

The hacker tweeted about Lil Reese hitting a girl, "ITS GBE NIGGA @LILREESE300 SMACK YA FOR EATIN AT BK WHEN IT UNDA RENOVATION FOR MCDONALDS!!! #300."

On top of tweeting about various rappers, the Burger King hacker changed the account's display picture to a McDonald's logo as well as their display name to "McDonalds." The hacker also tweeted about bath salts and BK employees using drugs.

Check out more tweets from the hacked account below, as well as screen shots of the account in the gallery above.

No word yet on who is actually behind it, but the account has now been suspended.