If you've seen Todd Phillips' Joker, then you're familiar with the scene when Arthur Fleck (played by Joaquin Phoenix) completes his transformation into his villainy alter-ego and gallivants to the stairs near his apartment to let loose. Even if you haven't seen Todd Phillips' Joker, you're likely familiar with the scene because it was abundantly shared online and became of the most iconic movie moments of 2019. You can find several Twitter accounts dedicated to dubbing different songs over the clip of The Joker dancing down a set of stairs that is actually located in The Bronx. 

When Joker fanatics and people in search of a solid social media post discovered that they could visit these 132 steps for free on West 167th Street, they flocked there. As you can imagine, this influx of tourists irritated many people living near these stairs. Out of sympathy for those affected, Burger King is offering residents of The Bronx free whoppers through Uber Eats when they use the code "KINGSTAIRS". Ordering fast food on Uber Eats is usually attended by a feeling of deep remorse, but it's easier to justify when you only have to pay the delivery fee. In a rather counter-intuitive move, Burger King brought a crew to the "Joker Stairs" to shoot an ad for this free whopper campaign. You could see THE Burger King dancing down the steps below.  

In other Joker news, Todd Phillips claimed he is open to directing a sequel