Burger King has done it. In a clear effort to prove they make better burgers and are the overall choice when it comes to fast food, at least compared to McDonald's, they've released an advertisement/promotion that entices all of those hungry on Halloween to enjoy a complimentary Whopper. 

In the latest video to be released by the food chain, the inticing efforts have a Stranger Things / It mashup that sees a guy riding his bike through the streets trying to dodge a number of clowns who are seemingly following him. When he ends up at the nearest Burger King, he sees that even more clowns are inside, because they knew about the free burgers and he didn't. At the end of the video, we see a Ronald McDonald clown saying, "I want my Whopper." The tagline in the advertisement reads, “Come as a clown, eat like a King.”

On October 31st select establishments across the U.S. will be giving away their legendary burger to the first 500 people dressed in a clown costume that arrive after 7PM. For anyone who has a serious fear of clowns, it's safe to advise you to stay away from your nearest Burger King. 

This clearly isn't the first time two companies in the same lane poke fun at each other. Earlier this month Wingstop and Wendy's took their rivalry to the social media leagues in an ultimate rap battle that dissed the quality of each other's food. It all started when Wingstop's official Twitter account tweeted, "Gamestop, Wingstop. Copped a new game for the ❌📦 Saucin' and tossin' our wings in a pot, pot. We got that Original Hot, Hot." 

That's when Wendy's followed up with a familiar Kendrick line, "Sit down, be humble. 😉"

From there on the war really began, with Wendy's claiming their food to always be "Fresh, never frozen since 69" and Wingstop returning with, "A frosty and a fry? Giiiirl bye. Wingstop flavor bringin' all the cravers! They eat us now and save you for later. ✌🏽"