Although some intern is probably working really hard to make them fun, corporate Twitter (or Instagram, or Facebook) accounts still end up being pretty bland. However, every once in a while there is a flash of brilliance, or...gibberish?

Thousands of people replied to the tweet and Burger King was happy to engage, saying things like "yeeeshhhhfff" and "nooofdsblgvbg.98567." One user asked if everything was alright and the fast-food chain reassured them:

Burger King came back to Twitter today to explain exactly what happened and also to announce a limited time offer. Whoever runs the Burger King account clarified that they hadn't been drunk, they hadn't been hacked, "the intern didn’t go rogue" and "a cat didn't run on the keyboard." What they did end up blaming was sticky fingers, the result of their latest menu addition: cini-minis. Back in the day these were it. They're the perfect stoner idea actually taken to fruition: take away the outside of the cinnamon bun and just have the gooey middle bit. Why wouldn't you? The only problem is that if you want to get them, you can only receive them when you order Burger King through Grub Hub and spend ten dollars or more. This Minnie-assisted video may sway your decision: