Ten years ago, hip-hop lost a true innovator. Pimp C passed away on December 4th, 2007, and his death sent a ripple throughout the industry. Fans and artists alike mourned, but few were hit harder than his UGK partner Bun B. The duo's influence helped shape the culture, and together they recorded six studio albums (including one released posthumously) and countless featured verses. Even today, you still hear Pimp C references on occasion. And now, ten years later, Bun B has taken to Instagram to pen a touching homage to his fallen friend:

10 years. Wow. It still doesn’t seem real sometimes. I still catch myself saying “He is” instead of “was” when I talk about you. The world has changed a lot since you left. Some things you’d approve of. Some shit wouldn’t fly at all. But one thing is for sure. You are still loved and missed. And your words still impact people daily. We will never forget your influence in our lives. Thank you for being my brother. God bless you and Mama Wes too. Oh yeah...it’s STILL #UGK4LIFE bitch! #RIPPIMPC

It's nice to see that Bun is still intent on keeping his partner's memory alive, and hopefully, everyone can pay homage by throwing on their favorite UGK track. Hopefully, Bun can rest easy knowing that Pimp's legacy is still going strong. Rest in peace to Pimp C. What's your favorite UGK track?