Bun B recently sat down with Billboard to speak on the 10-year anniversary of Drake's So Far Gone. The two rappers have worked together on numerous occasions with the Houston legend acting as being one of Drizzy's earliest supporters. "Uptown" was their first collaboration together which Bun B said was recorded before even meeting Drake. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"I’ve known Jas for years and Jas never asked me for anything. I didn’t want to let the kid down on his first big push into the music industry, and he asked me for an artist that has legitimate talent. [Plus] you’ve got Wayne on the record -- this might work out for me, too," he said.

Bun B dubbed So Far Gone a game-changer in the rap game and the Canadian star showed signs of serious potential. However, his praise for Drake didn't end there. 10 years after the release of So Far Gone and Bun B believes Drake sits in the top 10 hip-hop artists of all time. 

"In terms of lyricism?" He asked, "Impact, delivery -- a lot of people who are in the top 10 had ghostwriters as well. I want to say he’s top 10. There will be very few artists who will ever be as impactful as Drake is. Game-changing. Someone that literally has consistently increased, and there hasn’t been a decline in music from him yet. The music keeps getting better, and it’s always ahead of the curve."

Bun B also argued claims that Drake is a culture vulture. 

"He may jump on the remix of a hot record, but he’s not trying to do musically what everyone else is doing. It’s always a different approach, but then he can also come back and do something and incorporate the New Orleans sound and not seem like he’s being a cultural appropriator. He can incorporate some Houston elements without being a cultural appropriator. It’s a beautiful way of being an artist and a fan, and being able to express both of those."