Bun B is a man of the people, especially in the city of Houston. The legendary UGK member's voice echoes throughout the city of Houston, and his influence remains ingrained in the culture. But, as an elder statesmen, he has a responsibility to speak out at injustices and corruption in his city. So, when he was just a few feet away from Ted Cruz, it seemed inevitable that he was going to give him a piece of his mind.

Bun B shared footage from his recent venture to the Astros game over the weekend where he ended up just a few feet away from the Texan senator. While Cruz was shaking hands and taking pictures with Republican supporters, Bun B offered his two cents on Teddy's presence at the game. "Man, fuck you," Bun said. "Get the fuck outta here... where you goin' to? Cancun, hoe?"

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

"The only Astros fan I don’t fuck with. Crooked @sentedcruz," he captioned the post. 

Ted Cruz hasn't been a favorite in the state of Texas over the years. Earlier this year, the Texas Senator dashed to Cancun as a power and water shortage struck the state. Bun B, Seth Rogen, and plenty of other celebrities called out Cruz for abandoning the state in the middle of a crisis. 

Check out Bun B's post below.