The people are still demanding justice for Breonna Taylor. The 27-year-old EMT worker was shot and killed by LMPD officers who executed a no-knock warrant, even after the suspect was in custody. Thus far, only one of the three officers involved in the murder has been fired from his job yet no one has been charged. Bills have been passed to prevent no-knock warrants from happening, named after Taylor, yet still, no one has been charged.

The Kentucky A.G. was spotted partying this weekend, celebrating his engagement with his fiancee. Over the past few weeks, there has been an enormous amount of pressure put by the public to have the three officers charged. Both Trae Tha Truth and Bun B took to Instagram to address Attorney General Daniel Jay Cameron's handling of the case.

"danieljaycameron Is This True?!!!! Oh i see we aint applied enough Pressure .... Blow His Phone , email, social media up yall... Instead of chargin #BreonnaTaylor Killers He out livin his Best Life!! Attorney General Daniel Cameron.. 💨💨 blow him Up Or Get His Page Shut Down @danieljaycameron - Lets Show The Power Of The People United," Trae captioned the post. 

Bun B echoed the sentiment on his page with a repost, adding, "Don’t you have better things to do @danieljaycameron."

So far, his comments, including the most recent statement on Breonna Taylor's case, was flooded with comments demanding justice for Breonna Taylor.