Last week, Bun B and his wife Angela "Queenie" Walls were the victims of a harrowing home invasion that ultimately escalated into an exchange of gunfire. Today, the couple and their attorney stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss the traumatic incident in detail. Off the top, Charlamagne makes it clear that both Bun B and Queenie's presence is appreciated. "Thank God Bun B and Queenie are here with us today," he begins. "How are ya'll feeling?" Queenie admits that she's still mentally shaken by the incident, as Bun B asserts a comforting presence. "She's going to have to work through her process, we're going to be okay," he says.

"At the moment, it was unreal," continues Queenie. "We had just made it home within twenty minutes...I seen the guy cross the driveway, but I thought it was my neighbor two doors down, so I continued to put the dishes in the dishwasher. Bun was in the restroom. I heard the doorbell, and at that time it's usually UPS, Amazon, or FedEx." Bun elaborates that he usually answers the door, in the event of any possible danger. "My whole life is built around assessing a threat," he says. "This wasn't something coming directly for me....Unfortunately, I wasn't the one who confronted him in the moment, she was. I'm so proud of her. Not only how she handled herself, her only thought was to protect me."

 Sasha Haagensen/Getty Images

"I'm in the bathroom," continues Bun. "To be honest, I'm on the toilet. I hear what's going on, and I'm like this is it. Somebody is in my house, threatening my wife. I hop off the toilet, I go and get the pistol." Envy chimes in - "did you wipe?"- breaking tension with a laugh. "I'm not taking into consideration that I'm Winnie The Pooh right now," says Bun. "Winnie The Pooh with the pistol." Once he gets downstairs, he's hellbent on catching up to the gunman. "I don't know what's on the other end of that door, but whatever it is threatened my wife."

"Every time I looked up, he had the gun [to my head]," says Queenie. "The barrel of the gun was so cold. He had it in a black gloved hand." She says that she offered him the car after she noticed the man staring at a nearby bedroom. "I didn't want him to take me in the bedroom and rape me and do whatever he wanted to do," she says. Upon hearing Bun's footsteps, the gunman threatens to kill her if he were to come downstairs. "I said 'Bun don't come down!' and noticed when I said Bun, he was startled. "That's when he asked me for the keys to my car."

"Thank God for the Audio cause he couldn't figure out how to start it," says Queenie. Once the man entered the car, Queenie fled through the door, where Bun was ready. "I don't know he he gon' shoot, but I'm definitely going to shoot," says Bun. "I go through the door...I look in the car, I see his head and his body turn back towards me. That's when I just let that thang go." Upon being hit, the intruder fell from the car and began begging for his life before retreating on foot. 

For much more from Bun B, Queenie, and their trusted friend slash attorney Charles Adams, be sure to check out the full interview below. Send some positive vibes to Bun and his family, and we admire their bravery in dealing with such a traumatic situation.