For those watching and/or attending the Buffalo Bills home game against the Indianapolis Colts this afternoon, chances are you're not going to see very many points scored. In fact, if video footage of the pregame warm-up is any indication, you're not going to see very much of anything at all. Why? It is snowing hard, and I mean really hard, in Buffalo.

As per CBS Sports, a snowstorm has descended upon multiple parts of New York state, enveloping the areas closest to Lake Erie in slick wintery conditions that will not only plague travelers to and from the game, but potentially the action on the field. The visibility has been reduced to the point where the field goal posts, the executive suite boxes and most other parts of the stadium's skyline are impossible to make out. Check out some of the video coming out of Buffalo below.

The players, on the other hand, didn't seem to be phased by the weather. In fact, the Colts took the field with the nonchalance of a group who aren't bothered by bad weather conditions. Actually, their all-white uniforms might provide them with a bit of unintentional camouflage that could be to their advantage. The Bills, wearing their red uniforms, will be easy to spot in the middle of the snow that's coming down.

If you can believe it, some fans made the trek to the stadium and are sitting through what one Buffalo-area beat writer is calling "insane" conditions. I guess those tickets didn't come cheap.

Would you sit through an NFL game in this kind of weather? Let your voice be heard in the comments.