Budweiser created a landmark television moment with their "Whassup" Super Bowl ad that helped the phrase become a ubiquitous colloquialism for years to come. Now, the company has decided to revive that iconic plug 18-years later, partnering up with Burger King to help introduce the fast food chain's limited edition American Brewhouse King Sandwich. 

The revival uses the cast and footage of the original advertisement, as the boys are "just watching the game, having a Bud," wagging their tongues at each other incessantly whilst talking on the phone. Suddenly, Burger King's mascot then appears at the front door holding the Brewhouse burger, and he begins to mimic the football enthusiasts' zany verbalizations through the intercom. 

This partnership will also manifest in new headgear that can hold both the American Brewhouse King Sandwich on one side, and a can of Bud (or any other beer) on the other. Ricardo Marques, the VP of Marketing for Budweiser, notes how this pairing is perfect for the warm summer months. 

The spot will debut on broadcast television this week, and will be available on both companies YouTube channels.