Back in January of 2018, Milwaukee Bucks star Sterling Brown was arrested in a Walgreens parking lot after he was accused of parking in a handicapped space. When Brown approached the officers with questions about the ticket he was receiving, the police escalated the situation and tacked Brown to the ground where they eventually tased him and charged him with resisting arrest. 

After an investigation into the officers, the charges against Brown were quickly dropped and bodycam footage was released to the world, where it became clear that Brown had done nothing wrong. Eventually, Brown filed a lawsuit against the Milwaukee police and while they offered him a $400K settlement, the NBA player refused and continued to fight for the rights of all individuals.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, Brown has been awarded $750,000 in his lawsuit and the "City of Milwaukee would in a statement admit to a constitutional violation and commit to incorporate changes to the Milwaukee Police Department standard operating procedures."

This is a huge win for Brown and citizens across the United States who have been fighting against police brutality over the last decade. Following the death of George Floyd, police brutality was on everyone's mind this summer and there were protests all across the world. Brown and his NBA colleagues even brought these protests to the NBA bubble in Orlando, where Black Lives Matter messaging was loud and clear.

Now, it is expected that Milwaukee will bring forth some reforms that will improve the policing in the city. Hopefully, other cities and states take notice moving forward.