Paul Pierce has been getting destroyed by pretty well everyone on the internet as of late thanks to some wild takes that have upset the Twitter army that has been so swift at getting people out of here. Pierce's antics started last month when he said that he had a better career than Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade. From there, Pierce wasn't done as he said the Milwaukee Bucks were done after losing Game 1 to the Boston Celtics. He then got caught farting on Michelle Beadle this week which just added to the ridiculousness that Pierce has provided over the last little while.

Last night, the Bucks, who were supposed to be finished, had an opportunity to knock off the Celtics with the gentleman's sweep. After losing Game 1, the team had won three straight games and made it four with a 116-91 win. With Pierce's comments fresh in their minds, Bucks fans began chanting "Paul Pierce Sucks" in a hilarious moment of solidarity.

This isn't the first time Paul Pierce has gotten the business around the league. When he made his D-Wade comments back in April, Heat fans chanted "Paul Pierce Sucks" while Wade was in the midst of a solid performance.

It may be his job to give his opinion but Pierce may want to lay low for a while. It's clear that the fans aren't feeling him out here.