The content on Bryson Tiller's Instagram has been trimmed down substantially. It used to feature pictures of his baby mama, Markea Bivens, and their adorable daughter. By the looks of his virtually empty page, one might assume that the singer is single now. However, he lets his new lady friend share their lovey-dovey selfies to the public.

The new love interest, Kendra Bailey, shocked many of his fans with her posts. She shared shots of the birthday boat trip they shared together with a cute caption:

"Best birthday I’ve ever had❤️ couldn’t have asked for a better day with this amazing man❤️p.s. like just look at him whew his soul match how fine he is WOW"

Bailey had already posted another picture of the couple several weeks ago. Since the snap and the caption didn't bear any obvious signs of a romantic connection, rumors and speculations rose without a proper confirmation. Tiller's fans finally have their answer, or at least, some do. Many have hopped into the comments section to ask when his next project is dropping.

Although we don't know much about Kendra Bailey, we can affirm that the model has chosen her lane wisely. She also shares some of her beauty secrets on Youtube. Check out her beauty and natural talents below.