Being named “Best New Artist of 2015” from anyone is dope, but Bryson Tiller got the added bonus of an in-depth interview from Apple Music.

As he has done in the past, Drake swooped in early to capture the rising 22 year old artist before others caught wind of his talent. Still, with such a quick rise to fledgling stardom, there’s a lot we don’t know about Louisville, KY, native. Thankfully, he's slowly revealing more about his rise to prominence.

On opening for Travi$ Scott
"Honestly, those Travis Scott shows were like the best preparation for those shows because if I never did those Travis Scott shows, boy, I would have been so nervous out there."

On releasing “Self Righteous” so soon after TrapSoul
"I was gonna give it to another artist. I think Chris Brown wanted to use it but he ended up taking another song from me so I just said, 'f*** it.'"

On Kylie Jenner posting videos with his song in the background
“I ain’t even gonna lie it was another one of those surreal things. It’s like when my favorite artists are just reaching out or my favorite artists talk to me on Twitter.”

On linking up with The Weeknd
“We were just vibing. I knew he was the coolest dude ever when he said, “Yo! You wanna play Call of Duty?” I was like, “Of course.” That was my first time playing Black Ops 3 so I got to experience that with him. “

On making a video for his new single “Exchange”
“[Michael B. Jordan]’s gonna direct it. I don’t know when we’re shooting that, though. Hopefully, in the next few months.”

Pen Griffey, as he’s know to his fans, also released “Self Righteous” at the end of 2015. Be sure to check out the full interview for more details.