The past two years have been kind to Jack Harlow. 

The Confetti rapper dropped "What's Poppin?" in January 2020 and almost immediately exploded onto the scene in a major way. Backed by DJ Drama and Atlantic Records, Harlow capitalized on all "What's Poppin?" buzz and, despite the global pandemic, followed it up with the globetrotting "Tyler Herro" and the transformation from emerging rapper to near-superstar-status was on. 

Releasing the Grammy-nominated That's What They All Say in December with a features list including the likes of Lil Baby, Big Sean, Adam Levine, Static Major and Lil Wayne, Harlow's rise has continued and after a month featuring viral dating videos, 24 Hours with Vogue and a showstopping "Industry Baby" VMA performance with Lil Nas X, the 23-year-old Louisville native was featured on the cover of Complex, alongside comedian and friend Druski.

In the Complex story it was revealed that, at some point, Harlow and fellow Lousiville artist Bryson Tiller had discussed a collaborative project. 

Harlow and Tiller, who have previously collaborated on "Thru the Night" and "Luv is Dro," have both expressed massive respect for each other and a collaboration between the two would be sure to have city of Louisville on their feet. And even though it hasn't happened yet, Tiller ensured that it will happen.

"We never got around to doing it, just because I wasn’t in the right headspace," Tiller explained. "But I think now, if (he) and I linked up, it would be super dope ... We definitely have to make something happen in the future." 

Along with giving both his and Harlow's fanbases the hope that a collab project will happen in the coming years, Tiller also used his time in Harlow's cover story heaping praise on the "Same Guy" rapper. 

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

"He loves the city just as much as I do, if not more. And, man, he’s inspiring the next kid in Louisville to do it," Tiller said. "Never asked for a handout. He just got back in the studio and worked harder." 

Harlow added that he was "in awe," "inspired" and "totally jealous" when Tiller initially hit the scene, and made the mutual admiration and respect between the two crystal clear. 

Tiller and Harlow, who both dropped in 2020, haven't hinted at any concrete plans to collaborate on a mixtape or album but the idea of the two possibly getting together for something more than a Harlow album cut is exciting and at this point, all we can do is hope that something comes of all the conversation.

Would you be excited for a Jack Harlow x Bryson Tiller collab project? Let us know in the comments.