Earlier this year, many people assumed we had "Tiller Season" on our hands. And in some regards, those assessments were correct. Tiller is currently looking at one of, if not the biggest hit of his career with DJ Khaled's Rihanna assisted "Wild Thoughts," which has already gone platinum. In late May, the mysterious singer shared his album True To Self nearly a month in advance, and the success of that project landed Tiller his first number one spot on the Billboard charts

Now, Tiller has hit up the late night circuit for a live performance on Jimmy Kimmel live, opting to treat audiences to a rendition of the Boi-1da produced second single "Run Me Dry." To start, Kimmel announces Tiller to a screaming audience, who seem more eager than the usual late-night show crowd. Cut to the stage, where Tiller stands amidst a creeping cloud of smoke, illuminated by some alternating purple and blue lights.

With his live band on deck, Tiller alternates between spitting bars and delivering smooth melodies. At one point, he points at a woman in the crowd as he raps "I used to break my neck for you," prompting an excited wave of fangirlish applause. Honestly, late night show performances often suffer from an inconsistent crowd, and generally strange ambiance. For the most part, this video does tend to succumb to some of those flaws. However, Tiller still comes through with an impressive rendition of one of True To Self's definitive tracks.

While the tropical vibes of "Run Me Dry" initially stood out as somewhat of a musical outlier on the album, the track has more or less foreshadowed Tiller's later foray into Carribbean themes on "Wild Thoughts." If you haven't already checked out True To Self, you should probably get on that, as Tiller Season seems like it's not stopping yet. 

Bryson Tiller is currently in the middle of the "Set It Off Tour" alongside God mode producer Metro Boomin'. Check out a full list of dates right here.