Bryson Tiller's been that dude for the past few years. After releasing T R A P S O U L, he won the hearts of everyone in hip hop and R&B. Earlier this year, he dropped off his sophomore album True to Self. It was a project that had Bryson putting his heart on his sleeve and expressing everything that was going on in his life at the time. However, it seems he got more things to talk about because he recently annouced that he's back to working on a new project.

Bryson Tiller took to Twitter to announce that he's officially in "mixtape mode." However, he also mentioned that he's simultaneously in super dad mode because his kid starts school next year. Anyways, he hasn't really revealed too much about the mixtape but in his latest "Birmingham" freestyle, which he kicked over YBN Nahmir's "Rubbin' Off The Paint," he says, "I got a lot to say, I should drop a mixtape/Fuck it, that shit is on the way." At this point, there isn't much else that could be speculated around the tape in terms of producers or features. Who knows, maybe he'll actually approach this mixtape while spitting and rapping over some of the hottest beats out right now. Either way, it's exciting to know that Tiller isn't slowing down and has more music in the cut.

Bryson initially started teasing his fans with new music around Halloween. The singer hit Instagram with a picture of his portable studio in Copenhagen while captioning it, "creating in Copenhagen. need to update my soundcloud with some new music." The announcement built anticipation which ultimately led to his "Birmingham" joint that he recently dropped. 

Earlier in the year, he also teased that he had unreleased music with Drizzy sitting in vault waiting to drop. Hopefully, that ends up on his upcoming project. 

Capping off the year with a mixtape might be the best move for Bryson. He's had a major year so far with opening up for the Weeknd in Europe as well as getting his first number one single with DJ Khaled's "Wild Thoughts" featuring Rihanna