The Law of Attraction is practiced by millions worldwide and BRS Kash counts himself as one of the many who is practicing ways to attract success. The rapper is on the rise now that his "Throat Baby" viral hit has amassed over 50 million streams on YouTube alone, and recently, the Atlanta artist was featured on the cover of Rolling Out magazine. Inside, Kash spoke about using Law of Attraction a decade ago when he first set out with his Rap star dreams, and it so happens that what he wanted materialized.

“I practice the laws of attraction and meditation,” he says. “I’m really heavy into it. [But] what [people] don’t even know is 10 years ago — 2010 — I put my hand on the Bible [and] … I made a fake contract with Interscope, and I put it inside of a book. I still got the contract, and 10 years later to the date, I’m signed to Interscope.”

He explained that in 2015, he faced a tragic setback when his friend and manager was shot and killed. Kash shared that he was in a dark place and took time to grieve before re-entering the industry. “Even though it took me 10 years to get to right here today, I feel like those 10 years kind of prepared me for what’s going on right now," he said. "I would change, of course, losing my best friend, but anything other than that, I wouldn’t change nothing in this process of where I’m at today.”

Check out his cover below.