The brother of Nasim Aghdam, the woman who notoriously entered into YouTube's headquarters and shot three individuals before killing herself, is criticizing local authorities who would have been able to prevent the incident from occurring. Sharan Aghdam has stated that "they didn’t do anything and she got killed and three or four more people got hurt. I did the best I can to avoid it but the cops didn’t do their job."

The brother has revealed that in advance of the attack, he and his family warned the police about her unstable status. "We called the cops again and told them there is a reason she went all the way from San Diego to there so she might do something. I didn’t know she had a gun. I thought she might go there and start a fight or something, and then the cop told me he would keep an eye on her.”

Hours before officers were called to YouTube's headquarters after being informed of an armed intruder, they had spotted the assailant parked in her car and sleeping in a Walmart parking lot. However, during a conversation with a policeman, she rather calmly revealed that she had gotten into an argument with her family, which was the reason why she was sleeping in her vehicle and not at home in a bed. 

Before opening fire in the building, Aghdam visited a gun range, which definitely foreshadowed her intentions for the rest of the afternoon. Three people were eventually wounded as a result of the incident. 

Aghdam's family has been particularly critical of the Mountain View police, who they believe ignored warnings about their troubled relative and her hatred for YouTube. 

The family has since released an official statement acknowledging that attack, while also extending their sincerest sympathies to the victims who were hurt because of Aghdam. "Our family is in absolute shock and can’t makes sense of what happened. Although no words can describe our deep pain for this tragedy, our family would like to express their utmost regret for what happened to innocent victims."