Chicago's Robin Lopez and Toronto's Serge Ibaka threw fists last night which will likely result in multiple game suspensions for both big men.

And while Robin was throwing haymakers at Ibaka, his twin brother Brook was getting busy against the Pistons, hitting a game winning shot although that's not what reporters wanted to talk about after the game.

Brook was asked about his brothers scuffle in Toronto to which he responded,

"I've heard about it through multiple people; people were telling me about it during the game."

He added, "Maybe we'll get a grudge match. Who knows. I'm pulling for Ibaka, though."

"The Lopez twins were just both doing what we do tonight,'' Brook said. "He was doing his dirty job ... and I was playing real basketball."

When a reporter told Brook that his brother had thrown the first punch he said, "He always does, though! He's messed up like that."

Check out footage of Brook's reaction to hearing about the Robin vs Serge fight below.