Over the past few months, many of us have been stuck at home, trying to make sure we don't catch the Coronavirus and pass it on to someone more vulnerable. This predicament has left us all alone in our houses, looking for things to do. Bronny James Jr. is just like many of you in that regard, and he has been making use of his time by practicing his basketball skills, while also interacting with his fans on both Twitch and Instagram Live.

During his most recent Instagram live, Bronny came through with a hilarious bit of antics, as someone in the chat jokingly asked who is father is. By now, everyone should know that his father is LeBron James, but that didn't stop the anonymous commenter from getting a joke off. Well, Bronny figured he would clap back with some sarcasm, as he claimed his father is actually Steph Curry.

There are a few layers to this joke, especially when you consider how Curry beat LeBron in the playoffs, three out of four years. With this in mind, LeBron is probably wishing his son had said someone else, as this cuts just a little bit too close to home. 

Needless to say, Bronny's got jokes.