Bronny James Jr. has certainly been making waves over the last year or so and it has everything to do with his talents out on the basketball court. Of course, being the oldest son of LeBron James is going to make people pay attention to you, however, you also need to have the skills to keep that attention. So far, that's exactly what Bronny has done, as in his Freshman season with Sierra Canyon, he impressed scouts and left plenty of room for improvement for his Sophomore run. 

Bronny typically showcases his talents on social media, and recently, he has been in the gym trying to perfect his game. James has shown quite a bit of prowess when it comes to dunking the ball and in his latest clip, he shows off exactly what he can do. As you can see, Bronny pulls off a perfect windmill dunk that will certainly have you reminded of his dad.

It's been an exciting time for the young basketball star as he recently signed to Faze Clan where he will be a content creator. Bronny streams on Twitch during his downtime and he has been able to build a significant fanbase as a result of his fame.

Heading into next season, it will be fun to see how Bronny develops as a player with Sierra Canyon.