Bronny James Jr has been killing it on the court lately as he's been showcasing his dunking ability that has people comparing him to his father. While it's too early to attach any lofty expectations to Bronny, there is no doubt that he has the potential to be a great player and at just 14 years old, scouts are already taking notice. Bronny almost had the whole gym evacuated recently when he tried to dunk over an unsuspecting player. The ball ended up bouncing off the rim but if he had made the dunk, there's no doubt that it would have been a phenomenal poster. 

LeBron wasn't on tap for this particular game but he eventually saw the clip and took to Instagram to shower his son with praise. As you would expect, LeBron was very excited about the potential that exuded by his own kid.

"Getting closer and closer ladies and gentlemen," LeBron wrote. "Be aware, be very aware!! Just hope it’s not you on the other end of a poster. Coming to a city near you."

It is believed that once Bronny becomes old enough to go to college, he will end up at Duke since Coach K has been seen at a couple of his games. With a young talent like Bronny, there are no guarantees although his future certainly looks bright.