Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is reportedly in a battle to keep a sex tape from leaking to the public, thanks to an "aspiring model/actress" who filmed the two having sex on her phone this past June. 

According to the reports, Elizabeth Ruiz and several other women vacationed with Miller and some of his friends in Cancun this Summer and now she's trying to sell their sex tape in effort to "become the next Kim Kardashian." 

"Upon returning to the U.S., Miller spoke with Ruiz on the phone and reminded her that “he did not want anyone to see the recording and asked Ruiz to erase the recording.” Ruiz responded, “Gotcha,” according to the court application."

"In mid-September--two months after Miller’s nine-figure contract was announced--a representative for the football player was contacted by Kevin Blatt, an L.A. businessman who has brokered the sale of numerous celebrity sex tapes. Blatt, the court filing states, reported that Ruiz had sought his assistance in selling her tape, adding that she wanted to become the next Kim Kardashian."

Ruiz allegedly requested $2.5 million from Miller in exchange for the footage but his lawyers have petitioned a Los Angeles judge to issue a restraining order barring her from selling or commercially exploiting the tape.

"During subsequent conversations with Miller’s lawyers, Boddie reported that Ruiz wanted $2.5 million “to transfer ownership of the recording” to Miller, otherwise she would publicly release the video. According to the court filing, Boddie described his client as “itchy” and someone who “could care less” about the law."

"In response to the seven-figure demand and the threat to release the sex tape, Martin Singer, one of Miller’s lawyers, “told Boddie that Ruiz’s demand was extortion.” On October 20, the filing states, Boddie contacted Singer to say that he was no longer representing Ruiz (who apparently dumped Blatt earlier in October)."