Brockhampton's currently America's favorite boyband and rightfully so. The group has put in an enormous amount of work that helped launch their career to a new height with the release of Saturation I-III throughout 2017. The strength of those projects helped them build a loyal fanbase and take their talents across the world. They announced last week that they've signed a new record deal with RCA. While details pertaining to the signing didn't surface, new reports have revealed how much the deal was worth.

According to Billboard, Brockhampton's deal with RCA Records is worth more than $15M for six albums over the course of three years. The deal also reportedly covers each member of the colelctive and also doesn't include touring or merchandising.

Billboard's source compared Brockhampton's deal to Odd Future's.

"People are really excited about the touring -- the streaming numbers and the consumption numbers aren't big," Their source said, "It's like an Odd Future deal, but when Odd Future did that deal, it was close to $2 million."

For anyone who's afraid that the collective's new deal with a major label will affect their creative output, not to worry. Kevin Abstract took to Instagram after the revealing of their signing and told fans that nothing changes because of it.

"Nothing changes we still in this living room making songs making out and all of that rca just gon help us push this gay agenda," Abstract wrote.