Like any good all American boy band, trials and tribulations come with the territory. After parting ways with Ameer Vann in the wake of some dubious conduct, the group surprised fans with some strange performances, during which they reportedly remained silent during Ameer's verses. With the loss of one of their most prominent members weighing heavy on fans, many were left wondering what they might be inclined to do next. The uncertain fate of upcoming album Puppy only made matters worse, with the initial June release date quickly going the way of the dodo.

Now, it would appear that the group have landed on their feet with a renewed sense of purpose. Brockhampton took to Twitter to share a strange visual announcement, featuring a shirtless swimming young man. As the brief clip progresses, said young man emerges, dolphin-esque from a pool, revealing some big news. While not exactly an album release date, it's better than nothing. On June 20th, the band will hit The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon for their first televised appearance.

One wonders what song they will be playing, and whether or not they will follow tradition by silencing Vann's contributions. Either way, find out on June 20th, when the episode airs.