After releasing a trilogy of albums along with an accompanying short film, it's safe to say that Brockhampton have made their presence felt in the game. With a loyal fanbase of redditors, music fans, and critics championing for their success, the self-proclaimed "boy band" have been praised for their calculated and charming image, quality music, and honest lyricism; they have even drawn comparisons to the early days of Odd Future, only minus the controversial lyrical content. Plus, their live show has a reputation for being a stellar spectacle, with choreography, costumes, and elaborate set design. On that note, Brockhampton kicked off the first of three Los Angeles shows last night, which took place at the El Rey Theater.

Fans went particularly wild upon seeing Jaden Smith take the stage to accompany the band on "Hottie," which found the son-of-Will wilding out with some dance moves. From the sound of it, it doesn't appear that he actually performed any music, but his presence was appreciated nonetheless. In fact, During an AMA in November, Jaden Smith previously big upped the boy band and hinted that they indeed had some plans coming in the future. While it's possible that this welcome bout of stage-crashing may have been said plans, it's far more likely that the end result will be some actual, tangible music.

Check out some footage of Jaden Smith hitting the stage. It's cool to see these two emerging acts linking up, and hopefully we can catch that collaboration sooner rather than later.