The all-american "boy band" BROCKHAMPTON have continued where they left off. While 2018 may not be as prolific as their career-breaking 2017 campaign, it seems to be an instance of "quality over quantity" this time around. That's not to say the group's Saturation trilogy wasn't dope, but it felt like the collective was still finding their voice. Now, Brockhampton are older, wiser, and more established. With that in mind, all signs point to Puppy being their most complete body of work thus far. While we've known it was coming this summer, Kevin Abstract recently took to Twitter to hook us up with the official release date.

"Album 4. June," says Kevin, throwing up the album's official artwork in the process. Stylistically, it seems as if Brockhampton are retaining their vibe, with sharp colors and nondescript, reworked portrait photos. It's hard to say if we should expect anything different on a sonic tip, but it should be noted that Puppy will mark their first project since signing a reported $15 million record deal with RCA. While perhaps not a boy band in the traditional sense, they're certainly making bank indicative of the position. 

Check out the album cover below. Are ya'll looking forward to this one? Do you think Kanye fever will bleed into the Brockhampton release cycle? Sound off below.