Brockhampton faced a roadblock a few months back after Ameer Vann faced allegations of mental, physical and sexual abuse from several ex-partners. This ultimately resulted in his departure from the group. The group cancelled the rest of their tour as well as their appearance at Governor's Ball in order to regroup. In late June, they made their return with an appearance on The Tonight Show to debut their new single, "Tonya" and announce the new title of their forthcoming album, The Best Years Of Our Lives. Today, Kevin Abstract announced the group's new Beats1 radio show.

Brockhampton are coming for the Beats1 airwaves with their new radio show, "Things We Lose In The Fire Radio." Kevin Abstract shared the news on social media today with a promise that there will be " new brockhampton songs all summer." Hopefully, they'll announce a release date for the project on the show as well. 

Now that the group seem to be back on track with the mission, we could only expect that they'll be playing more shows soon and hopefully, pick their tour back up. The group is expected to perform at Lollapalooza on August 3rd. In addition, they'll also be holding down an official after party at Chicago's Concord Music Hall. 

With the announcement of a new Beats1 show and new music on the way, Brockhampton looks about ready to heat up the remainder of the summer.