Last month, we reported on Britney Spears checking into a mental health facility due to the emotional distress the crooner felt in relation to her father's medical problems. Following a 30-day stay, Spears checked out earlier and seemed to be in better spirits. She was even recently spotted showing off her killer body while performing impressive yogi poses via a shared video on her Instagram account. However, recent reports by TMZ may indicate the pop princess may still be experiencing difficulties. 

Britney Spears and her parents attended court recently and legal documents tied to the ordeal revealed the judge had ordered the pop star to undergo an "expert evaluation." While the exact reason for the evaluation is currently unknown, TMZ assumes it could be linked to the singer's previous issues with mental health. Moreover, the legal documents further show that Britney has not been doing well despite her mental health facility stay. 

Furthermore, Spears was also seen leaving the courthouse shortly after the ruling with no shoes or sock, simply barefoot. Reports state the courtroom was sealed as the discussion of her current condition was discussed. Though for now, nothing is set in stone. Briefly, after Britney left, fans gathered around the courthouse to chant "Free Britney" with related posters.