A 26 year-old British student has taken to the internet to auction off her virginity, in the latest attempt to capitalize on a woman's innocence and man's insatiable desire for untrodden terrain. Jasmin, who lives in London, had caused a stir when she set up a profile on Cinderella Escorts in order to raise the proper funds to start her own business.

The German company has revealed that the highest bidder was a notable Hollywood actor living in Los Angeles, who narrowly edged out a businessman from Munich, as well as a football player from Manchester United based in London.

The encounter will apparently commence at a German hotel sometime in April, as the country has legalized transactions like this. Jasmin had gone to dinner with all three candidates, and has described her experience thus far as "amazing."

Jasmin has revealed that "my parents supported me from beginning. They know everything and agree. I am 26 and they know that I am adult enough for deciding alone what I do with my body. As I met the actor already and I was always a big fan of [his], I am more nervous as a fan than about losing my virginity. But who knows. Maybe I will get more nervous when we meet in the hotel." 

In defence of her very public decision to auction her virginity to any bidder, she admits that "I think every girl would do the same in my position rather than giving it to a man she later on nevertheless break up with."