Back in October word on the street was that Bhad Bhabie was filming a Snapchat series that would show the behind the scenes happenings of her life and what it takes to be a 15-year-old rapper. The series was said to be 12 episodes long and would only stream on Snapchat bringing in more views to Bhad's favorite social media app. 

Now just a few months later, an official trailer has arrived proving that the project was a real deal. The snippet below shows some heated arguments between Bhad, born Danielle Bregoli, and her mother as well as some onstage moments and interviews with her bodyguard. 

“Y’all want to know what really goes on? I’m here to fucking tell you,” she says in the video. “I went from sleeping on the floor of a trailer to having a gold record in six months."

Bringing Up Bhabie premieres on February 4th on Snapchat's Discovery page

In other news surrounding Bhad, she also signed a $900,000 deal with a cosmetics company called Copy-Cat. Bhad is required to promote the beauty products on her social media, music videos and more and according to reports she already pulled in 500K on the first day of the deal.